Norges Unge Venstre (NUV), or Young Liberals of Norway in english, is the liberal youth party of Norway. Young Liberals of Norway was founded on the 27th of January 1909, and is the oldest youth party in Norway. The party is an affiliate of Venstre, The Liberal Party in English, which is the social-liberal party in Norway. Young Liberals of Norway, though an affiliate of the Liberal Party, are politically independent of the mother party, and has it’s own political platform as well as it’s own organisational structure. Young Liberals of Norway has three poltical focus areas. They are education, climate and the European Union and international affairs.

Contact information

Sondre Hansmark


International Officer
Idun Gulla Dyrnes


Secretary General
Solveig Hillestad


The Young Liberals of Norway believe that schools are there for the students. Further that a
school that is the same for everybody is equally unfitting for everybody. The Liberal Youth of
Norway believes that the individual student shall have the right to choose the composition of
their school day, instead of today’s one size fits all school system. Further good teachers who
give clear feedback, and a personally adjusted education is essential for your ability to reach
your own goals.

We want:
● Freedom to choose your curriculum composition
● Freedom to choose your school
● Higher education requirements for teachers.


The most environmentally, and climate friendly option should be the best, quickest and
cheapest. To reach this we need improved and cheaper public transport with an increased
regularity. When busses, metros and trains are on time it is easier for the individual consumer to
choose these alternatives. The Liberal Youth of Norway wants you to be able to heat your
house with environmentally and climate friendly electricity and that it gets easier to sort your
trash. You should be able to bike safely within the urban areas and city centers of Norway,
therefore we need more and improved bike-lanes, and city-bikes. Electrical cars should be
cheap and accessible for more people. With these relatively small changes it will become easier
for you to decrease your use of climate gases, moreover taking part in the globally needed
decrease of emissions, hence being a part of the solution of our greatest common challenge.

We want:

● Better and cheaper public transport
● More clean energy
● more city-bikes and bike-lanes

European Union

The Liberal Youth of Norway want’s a united, democratic and borderless Europe, which is open
and including towards the rest of the world, furthermore which takes a global initiative for those
global challenges we stand before. The Liberal Youth of Norway works towards that all
european states, including Norway, becomes members of the European Union to meet our
common European challenges with common European solutions.

We want:

● A new European constitution that builds on federalist ideals
● A larger and more democratic EU, with less focus on individual nation-states and more
focus on a common european democracy.
● A Norwegian, European Union membership