Elin Engerbakk: Young liberals of Norways Candidate for treasurer of IFLRY!

Dear liberal friends!

I wish to be treasurer of IFLRY because I know I am a solid worker, with experiences that

are valuable for IFLRY. I run on a platform of digitalization, a heart for administrational

work, and predictability. I want to make sure IFLRY has a solid backbone to stand on,

even in these uncertain times.

About me:

My name is Elin, and I am 25 years old from Norway. I study law at the University of Oslo,

in my last year. My engagement for politics started when I was 16 and joined Unge

Venstre. I was at my first IFLRY event at a seminar in Budapest in 2014 and fell in love

instantly. The mix of different ideologies, disagreements, different cultures, but still the

basic liberal ideas and friendly environment is very special and something I wish more

people can participate in. This was the foundation for me running for Vice President of

IFLRY in 2018, a position I had until 2019. I love working behind the scenes with

organization work, but I also love to do public speaking and giving speeches or lectures.

Young Liberals of Norway - NUV:

I became a member of Young Liberals of Norway (Norges Unge Venstre (NUV) in 2011

before the election. Fell in love with liberal people and liberal ideology. NUV was having

a seminar in Belarus, which was extremely interesting, so I applied, and afterwards I

applied to join the International Committee in 2013. I was elected and was project

manager for the Belarus-project for two years. The Belarus-project (Freedom through

Cooperation) was a democracy building project in Belarus with two other organizations,

and I was responsible for orchestrating the planning and managing the financing, even

having it approved by an auditor.

In 2015 I was elected as International Officer in the Executive board of NUV, with the

overall responsibility of the international work, and responsibility of coordinating the

international committee. I held that position for two years. This gave me plenty of

experience working with applications for funding, reports, budgets and accounting, while

simultaneously falling in love with

organizational work. I also love to go out and meet new members and make them feel

included. One of my Prime goals as international officer was to include as many people

as possible in the international activities


As International Officer, I was responsible for NUVs work with IFLRY. I participated in

multiple general assemblies, prepared the delegation and contributed to five resolutions

that were adapted by IFLRY.

As VP I worked a lot of graphic and learned myself photoshop to contribute to our

graphical profile. During events I did a multitude of tasks, from helping at registration to

taking photographs.

Other activities:

For a year I also took on the obligation to be treasurer for my choir, which was a fun

challenge working to get funding, and learning to do accounting digitally with an

accounting program.



I have experience with both physical and digital accounting, and for an international organisation

like IFLRY it is important to have as much digital as possible. This is also important for the future

to secure the most stable working condition for the bureau and the office. This year has proven

that it might not be sustainable to rely on the treasurer to be able to travel to the office on short

notice. This is also important for the future so the position is not dependent on the country of

residence of the treasurer. This is why I want to focus on continuing digitalicing as much of our


Heart for admin work:

I am the kind of person who loves working behind the scenes and being a friendly face at

registration. Building strong organisations and corporations that will stand the test of

time is very important to me. Despite this, I also very much enjoy being at the stage

representing my organisation.

I am a constant worker, with great admin capacity that I want to contribute to the IFLRY

bureau. I love working with accounting, puzzling and trying desperately to google what

the receipt written in Russian means.


Through my experience in Unge Venstre, cooperation with other parties and NGOs and

my year as VP, I have gained valuable experience in how youth organisations and NGOs

are run. This will give me a great foundation for helping IFLRY be a predictable

organization to be a part of.

I wish to strengthen our finances by collecting debt, but all the while making it in a way

that is realistic and managable for the member organisations. I wish to make sure that

deadlines are clear and easily available, and all fees are predictable, to avoid uncertainty

for the membership.

Predictability is also important in the bureau, and I wish to ensure we have guidelines

and set routines for how the handover between different bureaus are completed.

You can reach me at:

Email: elinengerbakk@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elinmedhatten

Fred og kjærleik, Elin